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What makes a someone a music critic? Do they have to write a book or be with a magazine? For example, this list of the 200 greatest songs
http://www.squidoo.com/200songs was written by some dude. But, he explains his choices and such. Does that make him a critc?
Is that a critic's list? He took the time to make the list.

Re: Critics?

Quote from the Q and A section of the website, "People who work with music". I think what that suggests is people who make an income due to music and who have influence concerning music. That said, I think the AMF list for best album of all time is finer than any other critic's list, and indeed better than AM's own aggregate of critic's lists, and we don't earn an income or (sadly) have any influence.

Re: Critics?

What makes a someone a music critic?

Someone who critiques (or essentially talks about) music.

Nothing in the phrase 'music critic' suggests "qualified" or "professional". That people automatically assume you mean a writer or music scholar when you say 'music critic' is a sad reflection of the class system that has developed in the art world and now permeated modern music. It's a shame that so many believe you have to be within an intellectual circle with an article or book to prove it to have your say.