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MLM Roster Voting

Welcome to the Major League Music Team Rosters voting thread. As you should know, there will be six teams; the 50’s, the 60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s, the 90’s and the 00’s. Please note that the 50’s team will include pre-50’s music and the 00’s team will include post-00’s music. Now, it is time to select the teams. You, the fans will get to choose who you want at each position on each team. Each team will have 6 players: The Guitarist, the Bassist, the Drummer, the Pianist, the Male Singer and the Female Singer. You have to choose who was the best at each of these positions during each decade and vote for them. The players that receive the most votes will be on the team’s roster.
In case I have not been clear enough, here is an example of what a ballot should look like:
Team 60’s
Guitarist: Jimi Hendrix
Bassist: John Paul Jones
Drummer: Keith Moon
Pianist: Jerry Lee Lewis
Male Singer: Elvis Presley
Female Singer: Aretha Franklin
This is not my 60’s ballot; this is just an example of what a ballot should look like. Roster voting will close on July 23, and week 1 on the regular MLM season will start on July 25.
One Final Note: Please only consider an artist’s work during each specific decade. For example, do not consider Elvis in the 50’s when voting for the 60’s roster.

Re: MLM Roster Voting

Forgive me, but i'm not really into american sports so i'm a bit cnofused (i like NBA, don't mind american football, ice hockey's like, well, hockey on ice, but baseball I just don't understand the appeal of).

For this week we just list our favourite drummer, guitarist, etc for every decade, or just the 50s?

And then you count up the votes for each decade to get the kind of all-star team for that decade. Then what do you do? Do we vote on which all star team we like the most?

Re: MLM Roster Voting


For this week we just list our favourite drummer, guitarist, etc for every decade, or just the 50s?

And then you count up the votes for each decade to get the kind of all-star team for that decade. Then what do you do? Do we vote on which all star team we like the most?

I'm glad you asked that question, actually. This thread is for all roster voting. You can post your ballots for each decade separately, but by july 23, all of your ballots should be in. Then, the player that received the most votes for each postition for each team will be on the roster.

The regular season will consist of five weeks, starting on Juily 25. I will explain that further when the season itself starts.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Re: MLM Roster Voting

In case anyone is still confused, I'll post some of my ballots.

Team 50's
Guitar - Chuck Berry
Bass - Bill Black
Drums - DJ Fantana
Piano - Jerry Lee Lewis
Male Singer - Elvis Presley
Female Singer - Patsy Cline

Team 60's
Guitar - Jimi Hendrix
Bass - John Entwistle
Drums - Keith Moon
Piano - Ray Manzarek
Male Singer - Otis Redding
Female Singer - Aretha Franklin

Re: MLM Roster Voting

This is a great idea. I have a suggestion though. I think it would be interesting to add categories for Songwriter and Producer to give credit to artists that might not fit in any of these categories (eg Bob Dylan, Phil Spector).

Re: MLM Roster Voting

This is a great idea. I have a suggestion though. I think it would be interesting to add categories for Songwriter and Producer to give credit to artists that might not fit in any of these categories (eg Bob Dylan, Phil Spector).

I second this.

Re: MLM Roster Voting

This is a great idea. I have a suggestion though. I think it would be interesting to add categories for Songwriter and Producer to give credit to artists that might not fit in any of these categories (eg Bob Dylan, Phil Spector).

Great idea!
I am adding two new positions:

*For songwriter, you can have a duo of songwritters (eg. Lennon/McCartney) or a single songwriter.

And here are the proper additions to my ballots:
Team 50's
Songwriter - Lieber and Stroller
Producer - Sam Phillips

Team 60's
Songwritter - Bob Dylan
Producer - George Martin

Re: MLM Roster Voting

Team 80s -

Male Singer - Morissey (Smiths)
Female Singer - Madonna
Bassist - who else but Kim Deal? (Pixies)
Guitarist - Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)
Drums - Chris Frantz (of Talking Heads)
Songwriter - Prince
Producer - (though I don't really know what a producer does) - Quincy Jones (for Michael Jackson)
Keyboardist - don't really know - Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads)

Team 60s

Male Singer - Lou Reed (Velvet Underground)
Female Singer - Aretha Franklin
Guitarist - Sterling Morrison (VU)
Bassist - Pete Quaife (Kinks)
Drums - Ringo! Kidding, Maureen Tucker (VU)
Keyboard - Rod Argent (The Zombies)
Songwriter - Bob Dylan
Producer - George Martin (Beatles)

Team 70s -

Male Singer - Tom Verlaine (Television)
Female Singer - Debbie Harry (Blondie)
Guitarist - I can't tell between Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd, sorry (both Television)
Drummer - Jaki Liebezeit (Can) (basically just for Halleluhwah)
Songwriter - David Bowie
Bassist - Peter Hook (Joy Division)
Producer - Stevie Wonder
Keyboardist - Stevie Wonder

Team 90s -

Male Singer - Wanna put Chuck D for a joke, but Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
Female Singer - Bjork
Drummer - Britt Walford (Slint)
Guitarist - Peter Buck (R.E.M.)
Bassist - Mike Mills (R.E.M.)
Producer - Dave Fridmann (of Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips fame)
Songwriter - Stephen Malkmus (Pavement) (he wrote the songs right?)
Keyboardist - Kate Radley (Spiritualized)

Team 00s -

Male Singer - Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse)
Female Singer - Karen O (YYYs)
Keyboardist - Colin Greenwood (Radiohead)
Bassist - the one who does the beginning of seven nation army - hang on... - John Stirratt (Wilco)
Guitarist - Charles Bissell (The Wrens)
Producer - David Sitek (of TVOTR fame)
Songwriter - Sufjan Stevens
Drummer - Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse)

Subject to change...

Re: MLM Roster Voting

Team 90s

Male Singer - Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
Female Singer - PJ Harvey
Bassist - Kim Deal (The Breeders and Pixies)
Guitarist - Liz Phair
Drums - David Grohl (Nirvana)
Songwriter - Tori Amos
Producer - Steve Albini (PJ Harvey, The Breeders, Nirvana)
Keyboardist - I have no idea (what an underrated field)

Re: MLM Roster Voting

Team 70's
Guitar - Jimmy Page
Bass - John Paul Jones
Drums - John Bohnam
Piano - Elton John
Male Singer - Robert Plant
Female Singer - Janis Joplin
Sonwriter - Stevie Wonder
Producer - Jimmy Page

Team 80's
Guitar - Eddie Van Halen
Bass - Kim Deal
Drums - Neil Peart
Piano - Billy Joel
Male Singer - Freddy Mercury
Female Singer - Tina Turner
Producer - Quincy Jones
Songwriter - Prince

Re: MLM Roster Voting

Not sure that any of those teams would be able to work together to make something valuable

Team 90s : Awkward Mornings

Male Singer : Jeff Buckley
Female Singer : Beth Gibbons
Guitarist : Doug Martsch
Bassist : Flea (I thought about putting Tim Commerford but I guess Flea has more chances to make it to the final team)
Drums : Dave Grohl
Songwriter : Elliott Smith (might not stick with the other members of the band, but I pledges allegiance to him)
Producer : RZA
Lyricist : Doug Martsch
DJ : DJ Shadow
MC : Adrock

Team 00s : Votre Artisan Boulanger

Male Singer : Serj Tankian
Female Singer : Karin Andersson
Guitarist : Josh Homme
Bassist : Nick Oliveri
Drums : Dave Grohl (Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Interpol and tons of other bands have great drummers, but Songs for the Deaf is my favourite drum album)
Songwriter : Josh Homme
Producer : James Murphy (kinda depends which kind of music you want to make, in some cases Kanye West, Dangermouse, Pharrell or David Sitek could do better)
Lyricist : James Murphy
MC : Big Boi (but the coolest would be the whole Puppetmastaz crew)
Violins and orchestrations: Owen Pallett
Additional instruments (trumpets, percussions, xylophones, whatever you like) by Architecture in Helsinki

Note : videos of both teams would be produced by Michel Gondry

Re: MLM Roster Voting

nassim, you forgot pianists.

Re: MLM Roster Voting

Team 60s

Guitar - Hendrix
Bass - Greg Lake
Drums - Ringo Starr
Piano - Laura Nyro
Male Singer - Brain Wilson
Female Singer - Laura Nyro
Songwriter - Bob Dylan
Producer - Van Dyke Parks

Team 70's

Guitar - Jimmy Page
Bass - Sid Vicious
Drums - Nick Mason
Piano - Joni Mitchell
Male Singer - David Bowie
Female Singer - Joni Mitchell
Songwriter - Joni Mitchell
Producer - Joni Mitchell (she made a lot of stuff)

Team 80s

Guitar - Kim Gordon
Bass - Kim Deal
Drums - David Lovering
Piano - Kate Bush
Male Singer - Black Francis
Female Singer - Sinéad O'Connor/Kate Bush
Songwriter - Tracy Chapman
Producer - Prince

Team 00s

Guitar - Jack White
Bass - ??????? (Kim Deal, maybe?)
Drums - Meg White
Piano - Cat Power
Male Singer - Win Butler
Female Singer - Joanna Newsom
Songwriter - Joanna Newsom
Producer - Jack White

Re: MLM Roster Voting

Team 50’s
Guitarist: Bo Diddley
Bassist: Paul Chambers
Drummer: Max Roach
Pianist: Franz Liszt (...well you said this included anything pre-'50s)
Male Singer: Louis Prima
Female Singer: Ella Fitzgerald
Composer(s): Ludwig van Beethoven
Producer: Teo Macero

Team 60’s
Guitarist: Alvin Lee
Bassist: John Entwistle
Drummer: Dannie Richmond
Pianist: Jerry Lee Lewis
Male Singer: James Brown
Female Singer: Joan Baez
Composer(s): Charles Mingus
Producer: Tom Wilson

Team 70’s
Guitarist: Eddie Hazel
Bassist: Dave Allen
Drummer: Harvey Mason
Pianist: Dave Formula
Male Singer: David Thomas
Female Singer: Joni Mitchell
Composer(s): David Bowie
Producer: Todd Rundgren

Team 80’s
Guitarist: Prince
Bassist: Mike Watt
Drummer: Neil Peart
Pianist: Paul Westerberg
Male Singer: Robert Smith
Female Singer: Kate Bush
Composer(s): Tom Waits
Producer: Trevor Horn

Team 90’s
Guitarist: Brian McMahan
Bassist: Tim Commerford
Drummer: Phil Selway
Pianist: Jean-Benoît Dunckel
Male Singer: Johnny Cash
Female Singer: Björk
Composer(s): Stephin Merritt
Producer: Nigel Godrich

Team 00’s
Guitarist: Jack White
Bassist: Brian Gibson
Drummer: Chris Dangerous
Pianist: Thom Yorke
Male Singer: Brian Wilson
Female Singer: Joanna Newsom
Composer(s): André 3000 & Big Boi
Producer: Nick Launay

Re: MLM Roster Voting

Team 90's
Guitar - Kurt Cobain
Bass - Mike Dirnt
Drums - Dave Grohl
Piano - Kate Radley
Male Singer - Bono
Female Singer - Sinead O'Connor
Songwritter - Kurt Cobain
Producer - Dave Fridmann

Team 00's
Guitar - Jack White
Bass - (White Stripes!) John Stirratt
Drums - Phil Selway
Piano - James Murphy
Male Singer - Bono
Female Singer - Alicia Keys (Bas Music, Great voice)
Songwritter - James Murphy
Producer - James Murphy

Re: MLM Roster Voting

Male voc: Little Richard
Female voc: Ella Fitzgerald
Guitar: Chuck Berry
Bass: Paul Chambers
Drums: Max Roach
Keyboards: Bud Powell
Songwriter(s): George Gershwin
Producer(s): Teo Macero

Male voc: Ewan MacColl
Female voc: Jacqui McShee
Guitar: Bert Jansch
Bass: Danny Thompson
Drums: Terry Cox
Keyboards: Bill Evans
Songwriter(s): John Lennon & Paul McCartney
Producer(s): George Martin

Male voc: David Bowie
Female voc: June Tabor
Guitar: Nic Jones
Bass: Jaco Pastorius
Drums: Keith Moon
Keyboards: Keith Emerson
Songwriter(s): Nick Drake
Producer(s): Marvin Gaye

Male voc: Chuck D
Female voc: Sinéad O'Connor
Guitar: Mark Knopfler
Bass: Flea
Drums: Max Weinberg
Keyboards: Tom Waits
Songwriter(s): Suzanne Vega
Producer(s): Brian Eno

Male voc: Jeff Buckley
Female voc: Eva Cassidy
Guitar: Ben Harper
Bass: Leonard "Hub" Hubbard
Drums: Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson
Keyboards: Marc Cohn
Songwriter(s): Kurt Cobain
Producer(s): Portishead

Male voc: Johnny Cash
Female voc: Fiona Apple
Guitar: Marc Ribot
Bass: Avishai Cohen
Drums: Gavin Harrison
Keyboards: Shai Maestro
Songwriter(s): PJ Harvey
Producer(s): Radiohead

Re: MLM Roster Voting


Female voc: Fiona Apple

She was my next option! Much love for Apple (comeback please!)

Re: MLM Roster Voting

It's a lot easier to think of candidates for the 60s and 70s than the more recent decades. That's probably because of the existence of electronic music as well as the increasing dominance of indie rock, in which musical ideas are more important than talent. I'll have my lists soon nonetheless.

Re: MLM Roster Voting


Re: MLM Roster Voting

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Re: MLM Roster Voting

I'm changing my female singer vote from Tina Turner to Sinead O'Connor.


Re: MLM Roster Voting

I've tried to form groups with this that would sound good as actual bands if they formed a supergroup, and to keep only one member from each actual band in the all-star bands.

60s roster:

Male vocals: John Lennon
Female vocals: Aretha Franklin
Guitarist(s): Jimi Hendrix & John Lennon
Bass: Jack Bruce
Drums: Keith Moon
Keyboards: Billy Preston
Production: Ahmed Ertegun
Songwriting: Holland-Dozier-Holland
Legend I couldn't find a place for: Brian Wilson

70s roster:

Male vocals: Mick Jagger
Female vocals: Debbie Harry
Guitarist(s): Brian May and Elvis Costello
Bass: John Paul Jones
Keyboards: Elton John
Drums: Topper Headon
Production: Brian Eno
Songwriting: David Bowie and Elvis Costello (wouldn't that be a sweet duo?)
Legends I couldn't find a place for: Stevie Wonder & Bob Marley

80s roster:

Male vocals: David Byrne
Female vocals: Tina Turner
Guitarist(s): Johnny Marr and The Edge
Bass: Kim Deal
Keyboards: Tom Waits, just to see what would happen
Drums/Drum Machines: Stephen Morris
Production: Quincy Jones
Songwriting: Prince
Legends I couldn't find a place for: Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen

90s roster:

Male vocals: Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock
Female vocals: Noel Gallagher?
Guitarist(s): Mike McCready & Stone Gossard
Bass: Flea
Keyboards: Fatboy Slim
Drums: Dave Grohl
Production: Rick Rubin
Songwriting: Beck
Legend I couldn't find a place for: Kurt Cobain

00s roster:

Male vocals: Cee-Lo and Dizzee Rascal
Female vocals: M.I.A.
Guitarist(s): Johnny Greenwood & Kyp Malone
Bass: Jack White (he could do it)
Keyboards: Damon Albarn and James Murphy
Drums: Matt Helders
Production: Jon Brion & Timbaland
Songwriting: Andre 3000
Legend I couldn't find a place for: Kanye West (so he can rant about it on his blog)

Re: MLM Roster Voting

With all due respect to Ms. Deal, imo it's not even close: the 80's and 90's bass spots go to MIKE WATT!

Re: MLM Roster Voting

Team 50's
Guitar: Chuck Berry (Johnny B. Goode)
Bass: Paul Chambers
Drums: Max Roach
Piano: Jerry Lee Lewis (Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On)
Male Singer: Elvis (Love Me Tender)
Female Singer: Ella Fitsgerald
Producer: Teo Macero
Songwriet: Ludwig Van Beethoven (9th and 5th)

Team 60's
Gutiar: Hendrix (Purple Haze)
Bass: John Entwhistle (My Generation)
Drums: Kieth Moon (My Generation)
Piano: Ray Manzarek (Light My Fire)
Male Singer: James Brown (Papa Got a Brand New Bag)
Female Singer: Aretha Franklin (R-E-S-P-E-C-T)
Producer: George Martin (A Day in the Life)
Songwriter: Bob Dylan (Like a Rolling Stone)

Team 70's
Guitar: Brian May (We Will Rock You)
Bass: John Deacon
Drums: John Bohnam (Mody Dick)
Piano: Elton John (Your Song)
Male Singer: Bowie (Heroes)
Female Singer: Joni Mitchell (Both Sides Now)
Producer: Stevie Wonder (Anything)
Songwriter: Bowie (He's awesome)

Team 80's
Guitar: Prince (When Doves Cry)
Bass: Kim Deal
Drums: Neil Peart (Tom Sawyer)
Piano: Tom Waits
Male Singer: Morrisey (Take me out tonight..)
Female Singer: Sinead O'Connor
Producer: Erik B and Rakim (Paid in Full)
Songwriter: Erik B and Rakim

Team 90's
Guitar: Kurt Cobain (Smells)
Bass: Flea (He promised to keep his shirt on if I voted for him)
Drums: Dave Grohl (Like Teen)
Piano: Kate Radley
Male Singer: Jeff Buckley (Halelujiah)
Female Singer: Bjork
Producer: Dave Fridmann
Songwriter: Kurt Cobain (Spirit)

Team 00's
Guitar: Jack White (Seven Nation Army)
Bass: John Stirratt (The only bassist of the decade)
Drums: Dave Grohl (He still got it)
Piano: James Murphy (All)
Male Singer: Johnny Cash (Hurt)
Female Singer: Joanna Newsom
Producer: James Murphy (My)
Songwriter: James Murphy (Friends)

Re: MLM Roster Voting

Why isn't my Layla icon working?
Anyway, voting is now closed for the rosters. I will post the full results here, and the final rosters on the MLM main page.


Team 50’s
Chuck Berry (3)
Bo Diddley (1)
Bill Black (1)
Paul Chambers (3)
DJ Fantana (1)
Max Roach (3)
Jerry Lee Lewis (2)
Franz Liszt (1)
Bud Powell (1)
Elvis (2)
Louis Prima (1)
Little Richard (1)
Ella Fitzgerald (3)
Patsy Cline (1)
Sam Phillips (1)
Teo Macero (3)
Lieber/Stroller (1)
Beethoven (2)
George Gershwin (1)
Team 60’s
Jimi Hendrix (3.5)
Sterling Morrison (1)
Alvin Lee (1)
Bert Jansch (1)
John Lennon (.5)
John Entwistle (3)
Pete Quaife (1)
Greg Lake (1)
Danny Thompson (1)
Jack Bruce (1)
Keith Moon (3)
Maureen Tucker (1)
Ringo (1)
Dannie Richmond (1)
Terry Cox (1)
Ray Manzarek (2)
Rob Argent (1)
Laura Nyro (1)
Jerry Lee Lewis (1)
Bill Evans (1)
Billy Preston (1)
Otis (1)
Lou Reed (1)
Brian Wilson (1)
James Brown (2)
Ewan MacColl (1)
John Lennon (1)
Aretha (4)
Laura Nyro (1)
Joan Baez (1)
Jacqui McShee (1)
George Martin (4)
Van Dyke Parks (1)
Tom Wilson (1)
Ahmed Ertegun (1)
Bob Dylan (4)
Charles Mingus (1)
Lennon/McCartney (1)
Holland/Dozier/Holland (1)
Team 70’s
Tom Verlaine (.5)
Richard Lloyd (.5)
Jimmy Page (2)
Eddie Hazel (1)
Nic Jones (1)
Brian May (1.5)
Elvis Costello (1)
Peter Hook (1)
John Paul Jones (2)
Sid Vicious (1)
Dave Allen (1)
Jaco Pastorius (1)
John Deacon (1)
Jaki Liebezeit (1)
John Bohnam (2)
Nick Mason (1)
Harvey Mason (1)
Keith Moon (1)
Topper Headon (1)
Stevie Wonder (1)
Elton John (3)
Joni Mitchell (1)
Dave Formula (1)
Keith Emerson (1)
Tom Verlaine (1)
Robert Plant (1)
Bowie (3)
David Thomas (1)
Mick Jagger (1)
Debby Harry (2)
Janis Joplin (1)
Joni Mitchell (3)
June Tabor (1)
Stevie Wonder (2)
Jimmy Page (1)
Joni Mitchell (1)
Todd Rundgren (1)
Marvin Gaye (1)
Brian Eno (1)
Bowie (3.5)
Stevie Wonder (1)
Joni Mitchell (1)
Nick Drake (1)
Elvis Costello (1)
Team 80’s
Thurston Moore (1)
Eddie Van Halen (1)
Kim Gordon (1)
Prince (2)
Mark Knopfler (1)
Johnny Marr (.5)
The Edge (.5)
Kim Deal (5)
Mike Watt (1)
Flea (1)
Chris Frantz (1)
Neil Peart (3)
David Lovering (1)
Max Weinberg (1)
Stephen Morris (1)
Jerry Harrison (1)
Billy Joel (1)
Kate Bush (1)
Paul Westerberg (1)
Tom Waits (3)
Morissey (2)
Freddy Mercury (1)
Black Francis (1)
Robert Smith (1)
Chuck D (1)
David Byrne (1)
Madonna (1)
Sinead O’Connor (3.5)
Kate Bush (1.5)
Tina Turner (1)
Quincy Jones (3)
Prince (1)
Trevor Horn (1)
Brian Eno (1)
Erik B/Rakim (1)
Prince (3)
Tracy Chapman (1)
Tom Waits (1)
Suzanne Vega (1)
Erik B/Rakim (1)
Team 90’s
Peter Buck (1)
Liz Phair (1)
Doug Martsch (1)
Brian McMahan (1)
Kurt Cobain (2)
Ben Harper (1)
Mike McCready (.5)
Stone Gossard (.5)
Mike Mills (1)
Kim Deal (1)
Flea (3)
Tim Commerford (1)
Mike Dirnt (1)
Leonard Hubbard (1)
Britt Walford (1)
Dave Grohl (5)
Phil Selway (1)
?uestlove (1)
Kate Radley (3)
Jean-Benoît Dunckel (1)
Marc Cohn (1)
Fatboy Slim (1)
Thom Yorke (2)
Jeff Buckley (3)
Johnny Cash (1)
Bono (1)
Mike D (.3)
MCA (.3)
Ad-Rock (.3)
Bjork (3)
PJ Harvey (1)
Beth Gibbons (1)
Sinead O’Connor (1)
Eva Cassidy (1)
Noel Gallagher (1)
Dave Fridmann (3)
Steve Albini (1)
Eliot Smith (1)
Nigel Godrich (1)
Portishead (1)
Rick Rubin (1)
Stephen Malkmus (1)
Tori Amos (1)
RZA (1)
Stephin Merritt (1)
Kurt Cobain (3)
Beck (1)
Team 00’s
Charles Bissell (1)
Josh Homme (1)
Jack White (4)
Marc Ribot (1)
Johnny Greenwood (.5)
Kyp Malone (.5)
John Stirratt (3)
Nick Oliveri (1)
Kim Deal (1)
Brian Gibson (1)
Avishai Cohen (1)
Jack White (1)
Jeremiah Green (1)
Dave Grohl (2)
Meg White (1)
Chris Dangerous (1)
Phil Selway (1)
Gavin Harrison (1)
Matt Helders (1)
Collin Greenwood (1)
Cat Power (1)
Thom Yorke (1)
James Murphy (2.5)
Shai Maestro (1)
Damon Albarn (.5)
Isaac Brock (1)
Serj Tankian (1)
Win Butler (1)
Brain Wilson (1)
Bono (1)
Johnny Cash (2)
Cee-Lo (.5)
Dizzee Rascal (.5)
Karen O (1)
Karin Andersson (1)
Joanna Newsom (3)
Alicia Keys (1)
Fiona Apple (1)
MIA (1)
David Sitek (1)
James Murphy (3)
Jack White (1)
Nick Launay (1)
PJ Harvey (1)
Jon Brion (.5)
Timbaland (.5)
Sufjan Stevens (1)
Josh Homme (1)
Joanna Newsom (1)
Andre 3000 (1.5)
Big Boi (.5)
James Murphy (2)
Radiohead (1)

Please escuse all of my slang, I literally copied this from the word document I was keeping tally on.