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Two questions about acclaimedmusic.net

Hello, I was thinking about several points troubling me in the way that site can rightfully report the most acclaimed music in the world.

- First, the non-inclusion of compilation is something I respect, for I like albums more and that the choice of compilations is sometimes erratic, but the fact is, by looking at several lists, there are indeed compilations which are more acclaimed than others. Couldn't it be possible to create a short, separate section on the site to report the compilations which get more than one or two nominations?

- Second, we all know that albums or songs from non-english speaking countries have less chances of getting acclaim in these countries than in their homeland. However, lists from non-english speaking countries, which already are harder to find, have no complex in including albums and songs from english-speaking nations alongside music from their nations. The combined problems seem to reduce the probabilities of these albums and songs of getting a fair place on AM.net. Do the point calculations deal with that problem in any way?

Thank you for reading.

Re: Two questions about acclaimedmusic.net

Hi Pierre,

The question about compilations has been asked a couple of times before. I have always answered that I do not have time to make a list of acclaimed compilations, but if someone else would be interested in doing this I would be very happy to publish it on the website.

As for non-english music, I do have methods to deal with the problem you described. The weight of a critics' list is a bit lower if the critic is not from the same country as the artist, and there's also an additional weight reduction for critics from countries that don't speak the language.

Re: Two questions about acclaimedmusic.net

Thanks! I see you thought out everything before. I guess until lists from non-english speaking countries become more common, the english speaking albums will still get the upper hand. That's a bit of a shame, but I think that after all, it's the fairest way to deal with that question, without getting into an overly complicated study of critics' demographics.

Well, for the compilations, I'm still thinking it's a bit odd that common places like the Anthology of American Folk Music are nowhere in sight on an acclaimed music site, but it's okay if you don't have time to deal with it. And I'm also thinking about how it could help artists that are more acclaimed for their singles than their albums, or for pre-albums artists, to get more recognition, but I understand.

Keep up the good work .