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New Sufjan and Avalanches albums

Reported by Pitchfork, the title of the thread says it all. Apparantly Ariel Pink (among others) is doing guest vocals on the new Avalanches album, and Sufjan Stevens is at work on a sequel to Illinois with his National buddies.

This is like renewable fuel source and peace in the middle east at the same time.

Re: New Sufjan and Avalanches albums

I'd love it to be called "Alaska".

Re: New Sufjan and Avalanches albums

The new Avalanches album has been rumored for a while. If it comes out it'll be my most anticipated record since I started following music, considering Since I Left You is my #1 record of the 2000s.

Re: New Sufjan and Avalanches albums

It won't be a "sequel" to Illinois (ie. it won't be based on a state; he has said that the idea of that project was a joke). Instead, it will hopefully be yet another bead on the string of random whims that Sufjan is known for. The National say that it's a totally new direction for Sufjan, which is kind of redundant. Can't wait!

Re: New Sufjan and Avalanches albums

And I'm in the same camp as Jackson. Since I Left You is in my top 10 of last decade, and it's been a long, hard wait.

Re: New Sufjan and Avalanches albums

I'm on record (VERDI BLOC, BRACKET 9) as having fallen out of love with Since I Left You. But since that time, it's actually risen back up to a respectable place among my top albums. That said, I too am anticipating the next effort from the Avalanches.

As for Sufjan... well, I don't care which direction he goes next. He could drop an a-cappella armpit-fart album and I'd probably sign on.

Re: New Sufjan and Avalanches albums

Regarding Sufjan: When I said it's supposed to be a sequel to Illinois, I didn't mean a states album. More like Seven Swans, as opposed to something like the BQE.

Regarding Avalanches: Much like a flying car, the new Avalanches album is always just a few years away. This time though, it's actually happening, as the record is almost done. Although it will probably be a very different album than Since I Left You, as the new one has guest vocalists. I can't wait to see which direction they take it.