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Avi Buffalo

Anyone heard their album? I've just downloaded their single of the week 'Truth Sets In' off iTunes and it strikes me as the best song I've heard from a new artist (or an artist I hadn't come across before) this year. They're highly acclaimed according to Metacritic too.

Re: Avi Buffalo

Yeas, i've heard, don't know if i cited inside the Albums of 2010 topic, though. But it is pretty great, i liked it and it is a grower. It's one of those "small albums" i fear critics will forget by the end of a promising year full of big releases, like: The School's Loveless Unbeliever or Dum Dum Girls's I Will Be or Fang Island's self-titled or Anais Mitchell's Hadestown, this kind of stuff. I know i won't forgot them, great records from a great year.

Re: Avi Buffalo

Thanks HRS, on the basis of your verdict and the single 'What's in It For' I'm going to buy the album. I've heard a couple of songs off Fang Island too, and that sounds really good. I normally don't collect many contemporary releases unless they're from an artist I already know; in fact I only really started doing it last year with The xx and White Lies. So I probably won't splash out on too many relative unknowns this year, but Avi Buffalo will definitely be one.