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Re: Artist of the Week: Week 5

I must have blinked and missed the Rolling Stones countdown... oops. Maybe out of the 500 bands to get picked, the Stones seemed too boring.

This band has a little less material to wade through...

1. Trash
2. Stranded in the Jungle
3. Bad Detective
4. Personality Crisis
5. Babylon
6. Looking For a Kiss
7. Subway Train
8. Puss N' Boots
9. Showdown
10. Pills

Re: Artist of the Week: Week 5

This week's poll is over. Expect results in five minutes.

Re: Artist of the Week: Week 5

As promised, here are the results:
1- Trash (Pulling off the Upset with 71 points)
2- Personaltiy Crisis (67)
3- Subway Train (63)
4- Pills (50)
5- Chatterbox (45)
6- Stranded in the Jungle (43)
7- Who're the Mystery Girls? (37)
T8- Puss N' Boots (35)
T8- Showdown (35)
10- Jet Boy (25)