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Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

I would like to thank all the voters:
- Long5
- Michael
- Alex D
- Nick
- Listyguy
- Honorio
- Stephan
- Henry
- Dumbangel
- Tim E
- Miguel
- BillAdama
- Midaso
- Far Top
- Depeche Mode

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

Here are the Honorable mentions:
Walter Becker
Graham Coxon
Robyn Guthrie
Robert Johnson
Shawn Lane
Brian Setzer
Glenn Branca
Ani Difranco
Nick Drake
Joey Santiago
Bernard Summers
Les Paul
John Squire
Joe Satriani
Mattew Followill
Rogers Stevens
Paterson Hood
Chrispian Mills
Joe Perry
Robby Krieger
Bonnie Raitt
Adrian Belew
Jason Pierce
J Mascis
Joni Mitchell
Krzysztof Gołębiewski
John Fogerty
Adam Jones
Al Di Meola
Johnny Ramone
Steve Morse
Alex Lifeson
Simon Toulson-Clarke
Noel Gallagher
Andy Summers
Neal Schon
B.B King
John Buckland
Billy Gibbons
Todd Rundgren
Gary Moore
Kyp Malone
Charlie Christian
Dickey Betts
Grant Green
Tony Iommi
Alvin Lee
Robin Trower
Peter Frampton
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter
Dave Mason
Dave Meniketti
Larry Coryell
Robert Cray
Steve Vai
Jan Akkerman
Billy Corgan
Yngwie Mamsteen
Ernie Isley
Nils Lofgren
Stone Gossard

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

50. Mike McCready (Pearl Jam)

Key Recording: Alive (Ten, 1991)
Total Points: 63.9
Fans: Alex D (4)

49. Tom Scholz (Boston)

Key Recording: Peace of Mind (Boston, 1976)
Total Points: 67.1
Fans: Listyguy (13)

48. Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple)

Key Recording: Smoke on the Water (Machine Head, 1972)
Total Points: 71.3
Fans: Listyguy (20)

47. Stevie Ray Vaughan

Key Recording: Texas Flood (Texas Flood, 1983)
Total Points: 73.4
Fans: Stephan (18)

46. Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

Key Recording: Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nevermind, 1991)
Total Points: 75.6
Fans: Far Top (15)

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

Wow, Robert Johnson did not make the top 50..

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

Great presentation, Listyguy. I should have voted in this poll. I'm upset Iommi didn't make the top 50, and Ritchie Blackmore and SRV certainly should have been higher (at least above Cobain, who was a much better songwriter than guitarist).

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

45. Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)

Total Points: 76.5
Key Recording: Dark Star (1969)
Fans: Nick (10)

44. Pat Metheny

Total Points: 77.5
Key Recording: Last Train Home
Fans: Miguel (12)

43. John McLaughlin (Miles Davis)

Total Points: 77.9
Key Recording: So What
Fans: Michael (12)

42. Martin Gore (Depeche Mode)

Total Points: 79.7
Key Recording: Personal Jesus (Violator, 1990)
Fans: Long 5 (13)

41. Richard Thompson

Total Points: 80.3
Key Recording: I Feel So Good
Fans: Miguel (13)

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

40. Marc Ribot

Key Recording: I have no Idea
Total Points: 82.1
Fans: Honorio (8)

39. Jeff Beck

Key Recording: Over Under Sideways Down (With the Yardbirds)
Total Points: 82.4
Fans: Henry (5)

38. Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine)

Key Recording: Bulls on Parade
Total Points: 83
Fans: Alex D (6)

37. Larry Carlton

Key Recording: Fingerprints
Total Points: 84.7
Fans: Miguel (4)

36. Wes Montgomery

Key Recording: Four on Six
Total Points: 86.5
Fans: Stephan (7)

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

40. Marc Ribot
Key Recording: I have no Idea

Well, I would say that the key recording of Ribot is not a solo album but Tom Waits’ “Rain Dogs”. This album crystallized his particular style, a apparently disjointed and non- virtuoso style but with a special ability of finding the most unexpected (but the most sublime) notes on his guitar. If you want to point to a solo work you can point to “Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos” (1998).

A 2002 live performance of a song from that 1998 album:

And… Martin Gore in a Top 50 of guitar players! Wow, that was a not obvious choice.

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

35. Paco de Lucia

Key Recording: Almoraima
Total Points: 86.7
Fans: Honorio (3)

34. John Fahey

Key Recording: The Yellow Princess
Total Points: 90.2
Fans: Honorio (6), Michael (7)

33. Dave Matthews

Key Recording:Crash into Me
Total Points: 91
Fans: Long 5 (6)

TIE32. Wojciech Waglewski

Key Recording: (???)
Total Points: 91.9
Fans: Long 5 (5), Depeche Mode (6)

TIE32. Steve Howe (Yes)

Key Recording: Roundabout
Total Points: 91.9
Fans: Henry (4), Miguel (7)

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

30. Nels Cline

Key Recording: Ringing Hand
Total Points: 94.4
Fans: Nick (4)

29. Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)

Key Recording: Teen Age Riot
Total Points: 95.4
Fans: Tim E(5), FarTop (2)

28. Kevin Sheilds (My Bloody Valentine)

Key Recording: Only Shallow
Total Points: 100
Fans: FarTop (1), Michael (1)

27. Carlos Santana (Santana)

Key Recording: Black Magic Woman (1969, Abraxas)
Total Points: 127.3
Fans: Long 5 (9), Henry (6)

26. Angus Young (AC/DC)

Key Recording: Back in Black (1980, Back in Black)
Total Points: 128.5
Fans: Alex D (10)

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

25. Ry Cooder

Key Recording: Paris, Texas
Total Points: 164.4
Fans: Honorio (5), Miguel (1)

24. Django Reinhardt

Key Recording: Minor Swing
Total Points: 173.5
Fans: Honorio (2), Miguel (5)

23. Jack White (White Stripes)

Key Recording: Seven Nation Army
Total Points: 178.4
Fans: BillAdama (3), Nick (5)

22. Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)

Key Recording: Sultans of Swing
Total Points: 182.6
Fans: Long 5 (1), Miguel (3), Henry (8)

21. Kirk Hammet (Metallica)

Key Recording: Enter Sandman
Total Points: 190.3
Fans: Depeche Mode (3), Michael (6)

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

20. Price

Key Recording: Purple Rain (1984, Purple Rain)
Total Points: 196.4
Fans: Tim E (8)

19. David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

Key Recording: Comfortably Numb (The Wall, 1977)
Total Points: 198.2
Fans: Dumbangel (3)

18. Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)

Key Recording: Gimme Shelter (Let it Bleed, 1972)
Total Points: 203.3
Fans: Listyguy (9), Stephan (1), BillAdama (8)

17. Chuck Berry

Key Recording: Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry Is On Top, 1957)
Total Points: 212.2

16. Slash (Guns N' Roses)

Key Recording:Sweet Child O' Mine (Appetite for Destruction, 1987)
Total Points: 216.8
Fans: Listyguy (10), BillAdama (6), Depeche Mode (5), Alex D (9)

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

Key Recording for Wojciech Waglewski could be Trafiony of Męska Muzyka. Otherwise, great list, even through the winner is quite predictable . The formula gave interesting results, but I am a bit unhappy that one high vote was not enough to get to the Top 50.

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

15. Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)

Key Recording: Eruption (Van Halen, 1978)
Total Points: 225
Fans: Listyguy (3), Honorio (7), Stephan (10), Henry (10), BillAdama (4)

14. Tom Verlaine (Television)[/b}

Key Recording: Marque Moon
Total Points: 229.8
Fans: Nick (3), Midaso (4), Michael (9)

13. Pete Townshend (The Who)

Key Recording: Baba O'Riley (Who's Next, 1972)
Total Points: 231.4
Fans: Listyguy (7), Stephan (5)

12. Frank Zappa (The Mothers of Invention)

Key Recording: Willie the Pimp
Total Points: 243.3
Fans: Dumbangel (2), Nick (7), Midaso (8)

11. Neil Young

Key Recording: Rockin' in the Free World
Total Points: 246.6
Fans: Dumbangel (5), Miguel (10), Midaso (7)

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

10. Duane Allman (Allman Brothers)

Key Recording: Whipping Post
Total Points: 251.8
Fans: Nick (8), Henry (3), Midaso (10)

9. Robert Fripp (King Crimson)

Key Recording: 21st Century Schizoid Man
Total Points: 257.8
Fans: Honorio (1), Stephan (5), Dumbangel (6), Michael (5)

8. Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead)

Key Recording: Paranoid Android
Total Points: 259.9
Fans: Alex D (7), Nick (9), Far Top (5), Depeche Mode (10)

7. Johnny Marr (The Smiths)

Key Recording: There is a Light That Never Goes Out
Total Points: 264.7
Fans: Honorio (9), Tim E (7)

6. Brian May

Key Recording: We Will Rock You (News of the World, 1977)
Total Points: 269.3
Fans: Dumbangel (4), Midaso (3), Depeche Mode (8), Listyguy (2)

Re: Results: Favorite Guitarists Poll

What an awesome five right there. Fripp in the top 10 is just fantastic.

Top 5

5. The Edge (U2)

Key Recording: Sunday Bloody Sunday (1983, War)
Total Points: 297.3
Fans: Long 5 (3), Alex D (5), BillAdama (5), Far Top (8), Depeche Mode (9)

Re: Top 5

4. George Harrison (The Beatles)

Key Solo Recording: My Sweet Lord (1970, All Things Must Pass)
Key Beatle Recording: Come Together (1969, Abbey Road)
Total Points: 301.9
Fans: Long 5 (4), Listyguy (6), Miguel (8), BillAdama (10)

Re: Top 5

3. Eric Clapton

Key Recording: Cocaine (1977, Slowhand)
Total Points: 371.9
Fans: Nick (2), Alex D (3), Stephan (4) Midaso (5), Listyguy (5), Henry (9), Long 5 (10)

Re: Top 5

2. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)

Key Recording: Stairway to Heaven (1972, Led Zeppelin IV)
Total Points: 474.6
Fans: Listyguy (1), Alex D (2), Henry (2), Miguel (2), BillAdama (2), Stephan (3), Nick (6), Midaso (6), Michael (8)

Re: Top 5

1. Jimi Hendrix

Key Recording: Purple Haze (1967, Are You Experienced?)
Total Points: 576.6
Fans: Alex D (1), Henry (1), BillAdama (1), Nick (1), Midaso (1), Long 5 (2), Michael (2), Listyguy (4), Honorio (4), Stephan (6)

Re: Top 5

I can see why 2-5 were picked this high, but I don't think any of them deserve it except Page. Harrison and The Edge are especially overrated; I don't think I've ever seen them this high on a great guitarists list.

Re: Top 5

Eric Clapton is an extremely technically skilled guitarist. I just don't like any of his songs since 1971.

This list was compiled from a critic-oriented website so the winners came from critically acclaimed bands. If you compiled it at Berklee School of Music (Where my brother went), you'd get a lot of jazz guitarists and jam bands. If you compiled it from rock musicians, you'd get a lot of the same ones here, but mixed in with some of the greats who aren't celebrities.

I think more people would have listed Jack White if they'd seen him live.

Re: Top 5

Nice Job Listguy.

Thanks for the great pictures and for compiling the results.