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Very interesting blog

I just discovered a new blog. Some guy is listing the "top" 250 singles of the past decade -- 25 singles per year -- and rolling them out one per day in chronological order.

His essays going along with the tracks are alternately funny, insightful, overly reliant on ten-dollar words, and wrongheaded. They are always interesting, though. He is purposely picking more pop songs in the interest of choosing "singles" rather than "songs" or "tracks." It's well worth a read.


Re: Very interesting blog

I am always annoyed at how music journalists feel like they have to write so flowery, replete with those "ten-dollar" words you mentioned, as if they aren't allowed to write normally (god forbid) about what they love. I mean that guy's posts could fit in on any Pitchfork review/retrospective, and I'm not saying that in a good way.

Re: Very interesting blog

I agree to a point, but there are some actul ideas and humor behind the writing so I give him a pass. Better that I struggle to get what the critic means and come out having thought differently about the subject piece of music, than skimming a review and getting nothing new from it.

Re: Very interesting blog

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