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Fast and Bulbous

This guy gets it. Or at least he gets what I like! I've always liked his lists because they had a lot of albums I loved, but now I'm trying to go through his lists and other than Beefheart I really enjoy what he likes. The thing I like most, is that it seems he doesn't rank music high just because he appreciates what the band is trying to do. He only gives good ratings to music he truly enjoys which creates cohesive lists. For the most part, if you like the kind of music he likes, you're going to have fun going through his lists. Anybody else a fan?

Re: Fast and Bulbous

I like how prominent reggae is on the big list. Marley & the Wailers are great but they seem to be the only reggae artists who get any love... im gonna check out a couple that I havent heard yet.

And it looks like the guy updated the list since its inclusion to AM. Some positions changed, its 1010 albums long, and theres some newer stuff on there like Dear Science

Re: Fast and Bulbous

definitely a guy with really cool taste. i don't really care for the Stooges THAT much, but i do enjoy them. i find i REALLY disagree with him when it comes to music from the 00's. it's all good though

btw- try Shiny Beast by Captain Beefheart. It's Beefheart for people who don't get Beefheart. Quality.

Re: Fast and Bulbous

I'd love to show Trout Mask Replica to my muse/courteeners/fratellis/kingsofleon-loving friends and see their reaction :D

Why does he list "Heroes" as 1978?

Shiny Beast? Sounds like it's for everyone.

Re: Fast and Bulbous

I need to start looking to this guy for more recommendations. I like pretty much every album I've heard from his top 100. The only thing I don't like is his bias towards 70s music in the overall list, but his year-to-year lists show he still listens to enormous amounts of music from other decades.

Also, he has one of the most interesting best artist lists I've seen.