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Ongoing Polls

Ordered by deadline and (hopefully always) up to date:

Bracketology: Final - Deadline: November 20th
AM Survivor: Round 1, Week 9 - Deadline: November 20th
Unacclaimed Songs Game: Week 8 - Deadline: November 20th
Films of the '90s: 1992 - Deadline: November 21st
Best songs of 1900-1949 - Deadline: November 30th
The '50s poll: Final round - Deadline: November 30th

Last updated: November 15th

Re: Ongoing Polls

Henrik, you should probably delete or unsticky this post since I cannot edit forever anymore and I haven't really figured out a practical alternative.

I will keep the history post updated by posting a new one every few months, but this has to be refreshed every week so it doesn't really make sense to keep making new posts every time.

Re: Ongoing Polls

OK, done.

Stephan, you've done a fantastic job with these updates! I appreciate it a lot!