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Spoiled in January!

Spoon - 8/10
Vampire Weekend 8.5/10
Beach House - 9/10
Los Campemsimos - 8/10
Four Tet - 7/10 upon first listen
Charlotte Gainsbourg - 10/10

An amazing start to an inevitably amazing year.

Re: Spoiled in January!

I think it's March we're really going to be spoiled.

Frightened Rabbit
Drive By Truckers
Erykah Badu

I've already heard a lot of the albums you mentioned but only once, so I can't really rate them so far.

There are some huge names that are supposed to release albums this year. I'm psyched.

Re: Spoiled in January!

Don't forget to add Plastic Beach by the Gorillaz and ____________ by LCD Soundsystem to the March roster.

Although January has been excellent, especially the Beach House album.

Re: Spoiled in January!

joanna newsom is a 3xCD so that's enough music to make february awesome.

Re: Spoiled in January!

I second that. Ms.Newsome is gunna blow this year wide open. I've got tickets for the Pheonix in Toronto, ON,CA. Its going to be amazing.

Re: Spoiled in January!

I'm so excited about Joanna that every time something new comes out i just update the album's wikipedia page. The new cover, the real one, rocks! Joanna looks gorgeous. She looks so hot, everything about this album sounds terrific and hot! I hope she rules music critics' year, cause so far she is rocking mine! =]

Re: Spoiled in January!

Is it confirmed that the LCD Soundsystem album is coming in March or is that just the guess of some retailer? If so, awesome.

I'm listening to the Charlotte Gainsbourg. It's awesome. Anyone else think it was influenced heavily by Third?

Speaking of which, the metacritic.com folks seem pretty convinced Portishead and Radiohead are also dropping albums in 2010.

Re: Spoiled in January!

The month the new Interpol drops: that's one to look out for.