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book "discothèque parfaite"

Hello I've seen this french book "La discothèque parfaite de l'odyssée du rock" by Gilles Verlant and Thomas Caussé (from the french radio "Oui FM") and I thought you might be interested, since that book (in its last edition) contains two lists of no less than 300 albums and 3000 songs (the precedent edition contained 200 albums and 1800 songs)! Unfortunately, I'm financially unable to make that kind of investment at the moment so I send you the amazon.fr adress, to show you what it's all about:



I Hear Ya...

I have yet to obtain the Greek "Songs of the Century" book (there's also an albums book)- the songs book contains 2,400 songs or so.

This is a link for that book (not to buy it): http://www.athensnews.gr/articles/13025/01/08/2003/13940

I don't think anything will top that 7,500 Most Important Songs. - which ,essentially, is padding for the tracks that have generated decent acclaim as it is.

Re: I Hear Ya...

Aninymous, I sure hope that book can be included at some point!

Re: I Hear Ya...

Yes, I guess so, but as I said earlier, it's currently complicated for me to buy that kind of thing, and it will be until an uncertain amount of time. So you will have to wait, unless someone else buys it and sends you the lists.

I Don't Think...

there will be a site update for some months yet- you're going to do albums and songs together for the next update, I gather, Henrik? So, Anonymous- no immediate rush. :)

Re: I Don't Think...

Well, finally, I managed to put my hands on the book faster than expected. I'll send the list in the critics' lists forum soon.


thanks, Anonymous. Are the entries pretty much strictly rock, or are there other genres included? (i.e. pop, R&B, etc., that could fall under the "rock" umbrella) The cover looked like it showed just rock acts, but ya never know.

Re: Great...

Well, there are a number of pop albums, and few entries from other genres, but rock is dominating. You will see by yourself, I'm beginning to send the lists right now .