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'My Girls' and 'Brother Sport' will be high up as well the likes of 'Two Weeks', 'Daniel', 'Zero', 'French Navy', '1901' and 'Stillness In The Move'

'Empire State of Mind' will likely be the hip-hop song of the year, I can't really think of an R&B song this year that would really look fine in AMs top 20 or so. Dizzee Rascal's 'Bonkers' might not be that far behind Jay-Z.

Other to consider would be 'Dominoes', 'Cornerstone', 'In For The Kill', 'The Fear' and 'All The King's Men' Don't forget Dubstep tunes like 'Hyph Mngo', 'Aidy's Girls A Computer' and 'You Don't Know What Love Is'