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Report of car accident involving bison near Fishing Bridge

Thanks to your emails, we can sometimes report news that doesn't appear in Park press releases or in the mainstream press.

I received an email from Julie Stanton reporting an accident, where people were apparently hurt, and a bison died as a result up near Fishing Bridge on September 3.

Julie writes:

"On 9/3 about 8:30 pm, a car with a single occupant was going southbound a few miles north of Fishing Bridge hit a bison and then swerved and hit another car coming northbound, which had 5 occupants (kids?). We were the 5th car back in the northbound lane and were held up three hours while the ambulances took away the injured, the cars were towed away and the area cleaned up. A firetruck pulled up in the pullout next to us and left the police radio on, so we heard a little bit about what was going on. After we heard a gun shot off to the west, an officer's voice on the police radio said the bison was severely injured and he had "taken care of it." The ambulances all headed south toward Lake Yellowstone, and one person was airlifted from there, apparently to Billings."

She added in a follow up email:

". . . The only thing we weren't sure about was whether the 5 passengers were "kids" as in little kids with parents or kids as in a group of college kids."