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Yellowstone news nowhere else--family apparently rescued on the Firehole; man dies at Tower Fall

Yellowstone Newspaper is, as most readers know, really not so much a "newspaper" as it is a news compilation service that I started 10 years ago in order to keep me better informed on Yellowstone (and by extension, everyone else). However, I have always hoped that people would report news if they had it, and this weekend people sent me some news that I haven't been able to find elsewhere on the internet.

I want to thank my two sources, both of whom were in the park and were directly involved with the stories themselves.

First, on July 22, a man, Robert Pruitt, 65, died on the trail below the overlook of Tower Fall. I received word from a woman who was helping his wife after the incident and who took the time to find out what happened. Details are scarce, but you can find his obituary here. Our source, when talking on the phone with the Yellowstone press office, cited HIPPA, which suggested that his death may have resulted from a medical condition.

Second, eyewitness Robert Williams reported to me that on July 23 while swimming below a falls on the Firehole River that he and other swimmers were surprised to see a boy, 12, go over the falls and come up uninjured. Above the falls, their father and another boy, 15, were still struggling in the water. Mr. Williams, with a team of civilians and a Park Service employee, were able to rescue the others without a little bit of difficulty. I don't have independent confirmation of the story, and I don't know what the cause of the mishap was. However, the good news was that all survived and were safe.

Mr. Williams allowed me to cite him as the source of the information but wanted to make sure I give credit to the Strong family, particularly to the 15 year old who was stuck on the water for what Mr. Williams estimates was an hour and a half to two hours. He added, "The other guys were fantastic, mature, level headed men and it was all a cumulative effort. I am so glad it all had a happy ending. Yellowstone was more than I expected it to be and I cant wait to go back!"