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Poaching plague spreads to Arco area

Poaching plague spreads to Arco area

ARCO- Just like the old saying, "Bad news travels fast", so it seems thepoaching plague is spreading across the state as the hunting seasons unfold. While the overwhelming majority of hunters are true ethical sportsmen, a small

highly visible number of unethical people with firearms continue to cause problems. This time, two bull elk were shot and left to rot around October 19, 2002 near Arco, Idaho.

Conservation Officers are asking the public to provide any information possible regarding the case of these two bull elk that were shot and left to rot. According to Conservation Officer Barring Cummings, "The animals were shot about 15 miles from Howe, on the east side of the highway, near Uncle Ike Canyon." The animals were about a week old when reported to IDFG, placing the poaching on or about Saturday, October 19th.

Anyone who was in the area and saw any suspicious activity should contact the CAP Hotline at 1-800-632-5999. Caller can remain anonymous and rewards are possible.

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I will be posting articles on the Yellowstone region on the discussion forum, especially AP stories reported in the Casper Star-Tribune. This paper has a lot of useful stories, especially from the Grand Teton region, but they roll their stories off every few days. I want them up much longer. This discussion forum only rolls off as it gets too large.