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The Magic of Yellowstone

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The Magic of Yellowstone
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Update from the Field 10/18/02

Buffalo Field Campaign

News from the Field

October 18, 2002

In this issue:

*Mease's Musings: Montana Won't Leave the Last Wild Buffalo Alone

*New Wildlife Compilation Video Available

*Help Feed the Buffalo Warriors, Donate Kitchen Items!


Mease's Musings

As the sun breaks over the horizon on another beautiful crisp morning, a new gift has arrived back in our ecosystem. The trumpeter swans grace us once again with their elegant presence. Trumpeters are listed as sensitive under the endangered species act and it is estimated that there are at most 2000 left in the world. Over 500 winter here near West Yellowstone. In previous years, we have watched and video documented a DOL helicopter spook and make over 300 of them relocate. A badger has also been sighted close to one of our patrols and the river otters are once again dancing on the thin ice of Duck Creek Pond. All the animals' coats are growing in thick and the bears are filling their bellies, readying themselves for a long winters slumber.

This week marks the third consecutive week in which the Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) has disturbed this perfect picture. On Wednesday three DOL agents chased one bull buffalo six miles back into Yellowstone National Park, disturbing all species in the area. The rest of the day was spent with DOL tearing up the area on ATVs. The Yellowstone ecosystem is a gift, it has all of the wildlife present that was here when Europeans first arrived on this content. When a helicopter, ATV, 4 by 4 truck, horse or snowmobile enters an ecosystem it disrupts all creatures in the vicinity, not just the buffalo. This Yellowstone ecosystem does not belong to the state of Montana. It is a gift to be shared by all of us and the responsibility of protecting it for future generations falls upon all of us. As I watch, yet again, the damage unfold, my heart grows heavy. We the people are the only hope for change, so please voice your outrage and let's all work together to leave this precious gift for the children of all species.

With the Buffalo, Mike Mease


We are in desperate need of a VCR that records. If anyone has one that they are trying to get rid of please send it our way. Please give us a call or e-mail before you do so that we don't receive more than we can use, thanks. --MM


Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers and BFC Release Native Wildlife Video Compilation

"Why We Exist" is a half hour tour in the field with Buffalo Field Campaign volunteers and their allies working on the frontlines to protect Yellowstone's wild buffalo herd. (28:45)

Plan B, The Buffalo's Alternative contains information on a scientific, biologically based plan to allow buffalo to roam freely throughout the Yellowstone ecosystem. (6:35)

Buffalo Bull is a documentary of the controversy surrounding the capturing and killing of America's last wild free roaming herd of buffalo. The video combines footage shot in the field over the past ten years with interviews with local residents, politicians, activists, spiritual leaders, and government officials. (50:15)

Little Buffalo is a moving music video created by Michael Mease and Folk Singer Bryan Flaig. (4:00)

Wild Bison PSA two, 30-second public service announcements for wild bison. (1:00)

ROAM is a video created by Buffalo Field Campaign volunteers for young kids who love buffalo. (12:05)

The Big Bad Wolf In the early 1990's the Yukon government initiated a slaughter of wild wolves at the behest of trophy hunters who view the wolves as competitors for big-game caribou. This video is an international plea from Friends of the Wolf to let the wolves live wild and free. (10:30)

A Future for the Grizzly? Each year in British Columbia as many as 700 grizzlies are killed. The government has yet to conduct a scientific population study of the grizzly who may number as few as 3,000. The Great Bear is losing habitat to logging, mining, oil and gas drilling, road building, human habitation, and their lives to trophy hunters and illegal poachers alike. First Nations, biologists, and activists speak to the question: Is there a future for the grizzly bear? (21:05)

Ordering Info - For a copy of our Native Wildlife compilation video, we ask that you send a sliding fee donation of $15-$35 based on your ability to pay.

Your donation allows Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers to continue offering environmental and human rights videos to the public, and to provide free videos for educators, students and elders. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Send checks to: CMCR POB 7941 Missoula, MT 59807 Buffalo Field Campaign Programs POB 957 West Yellowstone, Montana 59758


A Note from the Kitchen

Many thanks to all the folks who have responded so quickly to our requests for kitchen equipment!! We have received many of the items we are in need of but our wish list is still considerable. With hazing operations already in full swing we need to be able to have the kitchen ready immediately so that people can be well fed to put their energy into patrols. If you can donate any of the items on this list please let us know with a phone call or an e-mail as soon as possible!

Thanks for the love and kindness, coordinator

10 and 20 quart stainless steel stockpots with lids

Stainless steel hotel pans with lids (deep and regular size)

20-24" professional sautee pans

Large stainless steel pressure cooker

Industrial strength food processor (robocoup)

Kitchen Aid mixer

Champion juicer Large peanut grinder to (make our own peanut butter)

Industrial size coffee grinder

4 lg. hot pots for transporting hot liquids

2-4 quality cleavers

Non-aluminum hot water maker(for tea)

Large stainless coffee percolator


Buffalo Field Campaign

PO Box 957

West Yellowstone, MT 59758

406-646-0070 phone

406-646-0071 fax