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The Magic of Yellowstone

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The Magic of Yellowstone
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(just sent to my friends in the DC Anti-War Network)

903 is the number of Yellowstone bison slaughtered this winter.

The last time I brought this to your attention just recently the number was just over 600 bison.

Nearly 1 in 5 of all Yellowstone buffalo have been sent to slaughter this winter. This is also nearly 1 in 20 of all genetically pure bison in the entire world.

The bison slaughter, in human terms (if some of you need to consider it that way - which is perhaps part of the problem of why we can't solve even the human crises), began as a genocide against native peoples; it continues as an ideological battle on behalf of one type of human living.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that the buffalo slaughter is anything less than ideological warfare. It's never been about brucellosis. When we see it for what it is, we realize that what we do in DC is part of the same war, the war all of us on the side of justice are fighting against. -
Jim (for more on the connections see my teach-in at§ion_id=5

Here is a letter put out by Buffalo Field Campaign over DC Independent Media:

Wild Yellowstone Buffalo in Peril! Urgent Help Needed

In the past two months, Yellowstone National Park rangers have captured and slaughtered nearly 900 wild buffalo.

Others have been harassed, chased onto thin ice and drowned or shot by the Montana Dept. of Livestock. As if this wasn't enough, still more wild buffalo were shot by “hunters” just outside Park boundaries in Montana’s first public buffalo hunt in 15 years. Another 100 wild buffalo calves and yearlings are being held captive behind double electric fencing as part of a mad hatter’s science project called the “bison quarantine feasibility study”. And this is only just the beginning. Many hundreds more buffalo will be chased, captured, slaughtered or shot in the coming months...unless...

We put a stop to this madness!

The Buffalo Field Campaign has been working tirelessly for the past nine years to stop the slaughter of the Yellowstone buffalo herd. Volunteers stand in defense of the buffalo as they follow their ancient migratory instincts in search of winter forage and spring calving grounds. Unfortunately, this journey leads the buffalo to the killing fields of Montana, where the buffalo are shown no mercy, given no reprieve.

Less the 150 years ago, some 30 million wild buffalo roamed the continent of North America. The great herds stretched from west of the Rockies to the shores of the Atlantic. from Canada to Mexico across the Great Plains. Today, only about 3,500 genetically pure buffalo with a continuous history of being wild and unfenced in their native habitat are left in the United States. If we don’t act soon to stop the slaughter, this great treasure may be lost forever.

If you have ever considered taking a stand for the wild, now is the time to act. More volunteers are urgently needed to defend the buffalo. The remainder of winter and the coming spring are a crucial time for the buffalo.

For more information on volunteering with BFC or other actions you can
take for the benefit of wild buffalo, please visit
or call us in Montana at 406-646-0070.