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1939 WM20 for sale .

Dear forum members , reluctantly for personal reasons I may have to sell My 1939 WM20 .

my partner will require an operation which I am saving funds to have done privately .
I bought it originally from Mick Jones a forum member Who had completely renovated the bike

I have the original list of parts replaced by Him which I will attach .
I have recently fit new tyres and innertubes .

The bike has been stood in My garage for 10 years and I havent attempted to start it in this time but will do so but will need only light recommisioning .

I dont know what price I ought to ask and would appreciate Your advice please as You are a respected expert in these machines ?

Since I bought the machine with a view to repainting in olive drab I have sourced many hard to find spares (some from yourself and John O,Brien) .

Also many NOS spares from India ..the spares I would either sell seperately or with the WM20 if the price was agreeable ?

I will list the major spares later but they include the correct Fuel tank, switchgear , ammeter , clutch and brake levers , headlamp , etc .

Below this line is the original description by Mick Jones ..

In fact virtually all the original fitments ..also reproduction items and the rear lights discussed on forum .

The machine comes with a large folder of work done and items fit or reconditioned for Mick Jones .


BSA WM20. Year of manufacture 1939. Sold to the war department for military use under contract No. C5610 on 21 November 1939. (Dating certificate supplied.) This bike underwent a complete restoration in 2010/11 by myself and i have done approximately 150 miles

on it since.I have had the bike stored up for 2 years as i have a couple of others that i ride more regularly.I took her out this morning,started second kick and she ran fine.The restoration was pretty comprehensive if i list everything that was done it would take too long but

here is the jist of it.All cycle parts blasted/primed/2 coats of topcoat.Magneto and dynamo proffesionally refurbished.(rewound with new bearings and new condensor in mag.) Engine stripped, casings cleaned,new main bearings and big end rollers.Barrel bored and new

piston/rings.Oil pump stripped,cleaned and tested.New chains,cables and oil lines.Carb refurbished (jets/needles/float seat.) New tyres/tubes/rim tapes.Wiring harness replaced.The gearbox was not stripped down but oil replaced and works nicely.Clutch stripped down

cleaned/inspected and new single spring fit. etc. etc. There is no road tax to pay on this vehicle (historic vehicle) and no m.o.t. neccessary but the last m.o.t. was done in October 2011.

Some of the original spares I have sourced over the past few years intending to fit but circumstances dictate against now include :

Correct clutch / brake levers .
8" headlamp and glass ,

Ammeter x 2 ,
balloon fuel tank (1 genuine needing repair) , 1 from India to My instructions and is correct .
valves , guides ,
spare bottom end ,
spare cyliner ,
Aluminium cylinder M21 head ,
Later gearbox ,
correct bakelite plug cap .
from Jan I had a replica rear numberplate and pillion seat .
from John O,Brien several items including front brake rod , etc ,
from Ron Pier correct handlebars , etc .

A set of mudguards and fittings from India to My instructions and again correct .
From Czecholsovakia a replica rear stand which is excellent quality .

numerous other items still boxed .

I never envisaged having to sell this machine ,
I have sent some pictures to Mr Ron Pier as I do not know how to load them to the site but am happy to send them to a mobile phone , etc ?

I havent thought of a price so perhaps members could message Me with sensible offers ?

This is a genuine reluctant sale so please no time wasters .

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Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

Pictures I received from Steve. Ron


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Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

Thank You Ron ,
Noted that Ron confirms this to be a 1940 WM2O not 1939 as stated .

It is in decent condition and needs very little attention .

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Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

Could the person Who sent Me an email Yesterday please resend it as I have deleted My emails by mistake ?

Apologies ,

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Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

Well equipped M20!. But think we can all see that this is not an early M20 as it seem to have no parts of these period. More a mid to late war bike. Good luck with selling anyway!

BR Michiel

Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

Michiel I can confirm that the frame at least is from contract C5610 in 1940. You can see the rear frame has the early field stand lug and no pillion peg lugs. Steve has listed a lot of correct parts to go with the sale.

Regards Ron

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Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

Believe the early rear frames did not have the fieldstand lug, they were simply clamped on the tube. The soldered lug came later and even stayed there unused for a while when the panniers came. A fieldstand lug without pillion lugs makes it more of a 41 rearframe to me.

Late war frontframes are also often and easily misjudge as early, for example if the last digit is overlooked or filled up. A combined saddle attachment lug with the fueltank ears is also a good indication of an early feature.

But no worries, if the frame is confirmed, all fine with me but I couldn't spot a single 1940 part which made me wonder.

Cheers, Michiel

Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

sorry, should have said a single - typical - 1940 part in the last sentence

Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

We are agreed that it's a mixture of parts. The front frame meets the criteria (According to the frame number):smile: Ron

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Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

I have most of the spare parts required to return the WM20 to a 1939/40 spec , including Balloon tank , 8" Headlamp , mudguards , levers , front and rear numberplate from Jan Van Der Velde along with replica pillion seat , NOS can rod ...many more items including bakelite plug cap , reconditioned speedo , etc .2 spare cylinders (one with piston) ,Lucas CZ ammeter .
Timing cover with magneto cap , replica air filter hose and elbows , replica handlebars from Ron Pier and the end plugs from John O,Brien along with the front brake rod , NOS clutch and brake levers of the correct pattern valves and guides , "fag end" convoy light (nos) , Speedo drive (1 used and 1 NOS still in thick grease from factory ) , new tyres , inner tubes and tapes .

I rode the M20 for one week only before becoming ill and laying it up along with My other BSA bikes ..since this time it has sat under a cover in My garage .

I am getting enquiries on a price ..I paid £5000 10 years ago and estimate £2000 of spares .I cannot recall the name of the Schroder tyre valves (impossible to find now), I have those also the ignition lead supressor fact most of the hard to find items .

I do not know how to add pictures but am happy to take more to send to a mobile phone or email ?

the girder forks have been refurbished by the previous owner along with magneto and dynamo (less than 200 miles have been covered) , I have a folder listing many of His work , prices and dealers he bought the items from .

As the WM20 stands I think £4,500 is fair
or £5,500 with the extensive spares ..

This is a a very complete , genuine and roadworthy machine and I regret having to sell ..

These are realistic prices I feel but a very close offer will be considered

I have never sold a motorcycle before incidentally .


Thank You .

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Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

Very sorry for the health situation of you and your partner..Stephen, good luck...

No doubt you will sell the bike with all these rare parts quickly for that price.

Best regards, Michiel

Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .
Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

Me and Henk once bought a batch of original Doblchek valve caps from USA. As far as I know they are still available as modern items. Ron

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Re: 1939 WM20 for sale .

The M20 is now sold .
Thank You for looking .

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