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Looking to sell 1944 BSA M20

Selling my 1944 BSA M20 project. Asking $4500. I’ve had the bike for a handful of years and between some other hobbies and having a kid, I’m just not able to get it finished. Hoping that someone can take it and finish the job. I’ll add some pics of the bike as I bought it for reference. I believe most, if not all parts ore present (original speedo is one thing I know is missing). I've tried to replace some of the non-original parts with faithful reproductions.
Serious inquiries only please. Only looking for pick ups. Located outside of Detroit.

Here are some details on what I’ve done or notes
- Has title
- Bike is more or less in a rolling chassis state.
- Many parts powder-coated with a semi-glossy olive drab. I liked it better than the matte. RAL6014 (I believe, I have receipts from the power coater somewhere)
- Stripped the tank, fenders, and other parts that need some bodywork before painting or powder coating.
- Many chrome parts have been bead blasted to give a nicer finish.
- Cadmium plating on a number of parts.
- New items: repro grips, tires, seat cover, knee pads, tank BSA decals, cables, tail light, headlamp knob, horn assembly, rear carrier frame, oil filter, lots of new fasteners that have been bean blasted for a matte finish.
- Inside of gas and oil tanks need to be stripped. I believe I have a tank stripping kit that I’ll include.
- Have various wrenches and specialized tools included.

Selling as pictured. Happy to answer any questions.

Link to image folder

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