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For sale WM20

Hi guys , you all know me on here .Sadly due to circumstances, my absolutely mint WM20 1944 is up for sale .

I got the WM20 during covid and it was a total basket case.

It has had a total nut and bolt restoration everything that moves has been renewed with NOS or quantity components.

So here is a list of stuff done . I'm sure I will miss loads .

Engine .

New piston and rings
New Bottom end bearing
Refurbished oil pump
Correct nuts bolts replaced that needed to be
Head skimmed .
Cooper head gasket fitted
Tufflon carb spacer to stop fuel vapour lock when warm.
Helicoil threads that needed to be replaced
Vapour blasted but not coated.
Bearings all replaced.


New chain
New sprockets front and back , geared up so will cruse at a good speed.
New clutch plates
Replace all nuts and bolts with the correct parts .
New Bearings / seals

This clutch is the lightest m20 clutch you will ever feel .


Totally rebuild

New Bearings and seals
Replaced certain gears and forks that were worn .
Shimmed and set up correctly.
Bolts nuts and helicoil Bits that needed to be .
NOS , gear shift I haven't fitted yet as took some finding one .
Box works lovely little bit of a hold down to help it mesh in top gear . But runs fantastic and smooth.

Other bits

Shot blasted wheels and frame and tin wear, frame put on a jig checked , was slightly out.

New magneto and dynamo and shimmed up correctly that most forget to do .

Refurbished carb with slider done and rejetted for the vokes filter .

NOS Refurbished speedometer

NOS handlebars

NOS speedometer drive

NOS vokes filter with reproduction pipe and assembly, fitted with felt filters .

NOS correct rear convoy light MCT1 with the correct NOS screw fitments

Repro bkack out mask

Headlight DU 42

Horn not sure on this but told its a wartime HF1141 , I'm not a horn man so not sure on this .

NOS correct headlight switch

Regulator correct wartime fitted MCR1 not the pre war big mcr2, this has a expensive modern DVR2 regulator fitted inside so no more silly shenanigans.

NOS CZ27 ammeter

Wired up to wartime specification 6v with the correct wiring and colour coded tabs like the original, not modern that is usually seen. However I have fitted a rear brake light this works on a resistor that I fitted in the loom so can be used with the lights on just like modern bike but not noticeable . Also correct metal clips on rear mudguard.

Correct sadle with WD NOS brackets so it's spaced correctly.

Brand new correct tyres

Bearings and seals and spindles renewed on both wheels , and spokes replaced that needed to be .

Some Girder bearings replaced and NOS and correct damper parts renewed. With the correct NOS knob.

Petrol tank professionally tested and rewelded bits that could possibly leak in the future. Correct taps fitted but with vitron seals not rubbish cork ones .

Correct petrol pipe

Rear NOS rack

Rear NOS pillion seat not cheap


New armourers exhaust

Ceramic coated front exhaust stops it going rusty or losing its colour

Mudguards but these came from oz not the cheap rubbish Indian ones. I have the original Rear mudguard but will need a little work on it .

Rear pannier frames copied from original ones .

Pannier bags, straps and volkes pad from Frank , in my opinion the only person whom makes them correctly.

Battery case but have had to use a repro lid as the original git lost.

Sealed 6v battery

Repro canvas grips

Sprayed correct colour and lacquered .

Specially made pannier frame stays from original specs

Loads of NOS bolts screws and other bits that standerd I.E bolts with ridges and Castle nuts etc .

Only used the correct bolts and nuts no metric .

Chain and sprockets

New cables all round

Original hand pump

I'm sure I have missed a load of stuff

This bike runs like clock work and in essence it is a totally new bike .

250 miles done since rebuild and no issues, just done its 1st oil change. Oil still lovely and clean.

Loads of spares 2 x spares gearbox and engine parts , boxes and boxes of them . Not the pictures of the engine etc are before the rebuild not the spares you get as they are on the bike.

Only thing is missing is the original levers what I haven't come across as yet.

So as you can see it's a real stunning bike. The History now isn't to clear on its location during the war . However as you can see the WW2 production line has what many say is my bike as the number are what can be made out is this one and also on the production line complete sheet my bike is at the top so 1st off the line which is on the picture. Providence I would say so .

Frame WM20 112684

Engine WM20 5569

V5 in my name .

This has been professionally rebuild

I'm not sure what else to say really , I'm not selling cheap as this is a perfect bike. If you think you can get the same from a 7 to 8k bike then please do that and see how much work you need to get it to this point

I'm asking 9k .

I have a link to ebay with pictures.

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Re: For sale WM20

works best with the item number : 126073163294

and a picture taken from ebay, succes.


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Re: For sale WM20
Re: For sale WM20

Thank you guys, I'm abit of a biff on the Internet.

Ron I sent you a email regarding a James ML.


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Re: For sale WM20

I haven't seen an email and nothing in spam? Ron

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