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Kick starter issues

Hello folks, I have an issue with the kick starter on my 1948 M20. It was extremley difficult to start earlier this year due to oher issues previoulsy reported. I wonder if this excessive kicking has caused problems. I noted that quite often the kick starter arm would move through its arc of motion but would either not move any of the internal gearing (engine did not rotate) or at the very least it turned a small amount at the end of the arm's travel. The arm has resistance in its motion but just doesn't turn anything? It now seams to have failed in some way with the arm not coming back up. I guess the return spring has failed in someway or come off some retaining peg/mount. I can manually pull arm back up and kick it again as before (with the lack of engine rotation) but mostly stays down. What is very odd is that a couple of times the arm has returned, but not often. Has anyone any thoughts? seen it before? Am i looking at taking gearbox out?
cheers Neil

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Re: Kick starter issues

I'd take the outer cover off and have a look.
It can be removed with the gearbox in place.


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