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Wanted James ML parts 1943

Just on with my new project and after some parts.

Choke and air filter assembly

Levers front brake , clutch, decompression lever.

Folding pegs

Headlight and blackout , james ML switch and plate.

Chain guard

Fuel tap and fuel metal pipe

Front brake plate

Rear exhaust

Canvas grips

Quick realise handlebar lever

Rear wheel chain tension adjuster

I know I can get some parts from metal magic , but thought I would ask you guys for help also . If you know where to source the other stuff please let me know.

email (option):

Re: Wanted James ML parts 1943

What no rear wheel wanted??

The stuff you need are amongst the most difficult parts to find, I actually bought a whole other bike to get some parts.

Hope this doesn't put you off.

Jan in Belgium made me some real nice chaincases in the past.

If you would like to share your numbers for my register, that would be nice! frame and works number, and engine number.



email (option): welbike@welbi**.net

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