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1943 BSA M20 for sale

Unfortunately due to the incompetence of our Government and the previous one week wonder PM Liz Truss and her crony who blew a 30 billion pound hole in the U.K. economy over night, my Mortgage has nearly trebbled since, so I’ve got too much on to strip this and repaint etc, I could do a quick paint job and move it on eBay, but think it would be better suited to someone who is looking for a blank canvas.

It has doesn’t have the original engine, but has a 600 cc engine, it’s all there,

It was painted in civilian colours but has its original green in places, (forkes , front break drum)

It’s had a new rear rim at some point still in it’s red primer.

It does have some rust spots, the pics I can send to any one interested were taken a few years back, I’ll get some present ones done. it’s not looking quite as good as back then, but it had a lot of touch up work etc

It’s on a SORN at present, have the V5 and key card. Census number C5118819

Any interested party I’m looking for £6000 it may seem a lot but it doesn’t require much to get it back to its former Glory.

I can get a video and pics to anyone interested.

I also have WM20 front Frame late war contract , plus a rear frame which was I’m told from an RAF Contract for a sidecar.

Geoff 07966493625

Re: 1943 BSA M20 for sale

Is the m20 still for sale

email (option):

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