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Re: Wanted Front brake adjuster

Hi David
JJ cables provide these fittings too for those making their own cables - I bought some recently

However - this should be on your cable fitted from new - so if you buy one you will have to remove the nipple & resolder after you fit it

Your only hope is to find an adjuster which has been made with a slot cut in it to allow it to fit the Bowden wire through it

New cable ??


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Re: Wanted Front brake adjuster

Hi John,
Thanks for your reply. The cable that I got fromm JJ was for the combination levers, without nipple, the adjuster slipped off and got misplaced. I ordered a new cable this morning from Ebay only to be told that the adjuster has been found!! So was lucky enough to cancel my order. John the felt arrived this morning, thanks let me know how much I owe you.


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