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Re: Fuel tank taps

Mark Cook
No problem Lex, every one is free to buy what ever they want.
Besides our premium products, we like to offer some alternatives.
If a problem is found with any product and we can't correct it we won't sell it.
Some brake shoes we bought in don't fit. We returned them, but I bet many other are still selling them.

Ok, Mark, but it would be best if you could make a deal with Jiri, regarding the UK market, as he cannot go the the UK jumbles anymore, as a result of Brexit, maybe you can be his UK retailer? he makes very nice products, and I have more suggestions for you, for importing nice parts, you can't possibly make everything yourself, and selling Indian or other far east inferior parts will not help your reputation.

Sorry for being so blunt, but that is where I stand.



PS, Ron, thanks for the link, Jiri, doesn't grasp the BSP system, but I can explain what to order.

email (option): welbike@welbi**.net

Re: Fuel tank taps

Lex, You can't judge parts quality by where they are made. Some of the worst I've seen is UK made.

I have a few Czech friends, next time I'm there if I have time I'll visit Jiri.


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