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Wanted - H-D WLA STND Cylinders

I know I know .... sorry - not quite what we're here for but the WM20 is so bent it will need a total rebuild when I can finally get to it & needs many many parts, I'll post some pictures later. Recovering from a broken neck at C1, broken Tibia, hip rebuild etc etc but healing OK just about, but maybe that means it's OK & you Guys will let me get away with having a cheeky post on parts for the WLA, Hope so :) won't do it again :))

The WLA for those who know me, I've been going on about one for years, currently on the hunt for a pair of cylinders so if anyone happens to have any please let me know, the last major items. Having not worked for nearly 7 months now could really do with a break on finding these. Cheers Kit (UK)

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Re: Wanted - H-D WLA STND Cylinders

Hello there,

Why not try (the US version). There are plenty of WLA cylinders listed, even some that have been remanufactured and listed as new, but they're not cheap! Used ones are cheaper, but then, they're used, aren't they? I think this is about the only feasible way forward for you.

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