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Leather jerkin

What-ho chaps!.. I have leather jerkin for sale for £90.00 plus p and p (that's what I paid for it but it's too big for me! I think I'm shrinking?) It's dated 1954 size no 3,breast over jacket 40_46 manufactured by Wareings(northampton)Ltd....I'd give it 8/10 overall...a couple of very small faint marks on the leather and a couple of small scuffs to the bottom rear..the lining is generally excellent but has had a moth over for a very quick nibble in a couple of places...I was more than happy with it when I purchased it recently!! looks top notch over a tunic!....I can't for the life of me work out how to post pictures on the forum so if you like to make contact via email that would be rather jolly and I can send you some pictures.....pip pip,Shaun

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