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Re: Wanted rear brake drum WM20

I also need one, Ron Pier told me he bought a new repro one from Les at Russell Motors years ago which he tells me has been fine ever since. I spoke to Les before the lockdown began who confirmed he does still get them made in the UK and retail for around £100. I am currently waiting for him to get a new batch in. Might be worth speaking to him unless you are set on an original one.

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Re: Wanted rear brake drum WM20

Made by 'Velocette' in Coventry who are ( I believe) still based in one of the old Triumph factories at Meriden ...No connection to Velocette Motors other than the name...They are a trade outlet only so you'll need to find a dealer who stocks their products...Very nicely made, I've had a few of them....

Don't be tempted by an Indian manufactured one...I had one of those and the teeth rapidly broke off...
Highly technical investigations with a lump hammer broke it up and from the grain structure I would say it was made from cast iron....They should be steel...Ian

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