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Re: Help need sump stud for KM20

Well for future reference, the stud will be 1/4 whit (20tpi) into the engine and 1/4 BSCycle (26tpi) for the nut. Ron

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Re: Help need sump stud for KM20

Thanks Ron for your information. Whitworth is still a mystery to me. Knowing what to order will make things easier. Hopefully the long studs for the aftermarket sump cover will work. If not I know what to order for the OEM sump cover.
As soon as I get the sump cover on and the sump nine filler with oil and a battery I am going to kick her over and see what happens.

I have done nothing with the carb. So I am not hopeful she will run. I just want to see if she will fire. Well maybe on second thought I better open the carb. The tank was full of rust and needs a good cleaning and then a good coating.
Anyway thanks again.

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