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Re: Clutch push rod length

Arghh!....Removing one steel and one fiber plate only works to create a beneficial increase in space in the basket if standard thickness plates are used....If the thicker fiber plates are used the free movement in the basket has already been reduced to vitually nothing...That's why the pushrod seems short...It isn't, it's just that the pressure plate is now more 'outboard' due to the increased height of the clutch plate stack...Getting the clutch to operate with the thicker plates in is even more difficult than the standard set up and a longer pushrod won't help at all....

Removing one overly thick fiber plate and one steel plate returns the clutch to more or less standard clearances...There will be no increased clearance to aid operation which is the desirable feature that this 'dodge' normally provides....I don't know how many times I've made this point...What is best is to have standard plates and then remove one steel and one fiber plate....Ian

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Re: Clutch push rod length

Yes it’s been off. I’ll check that this evening.
Thanks Ron.

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