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Re: J.A.P (J A Prestwich) V Twin advice needed

I'm not having much luck with removal of the 'slotted' round bit in the centre as it is very difficult to get a purchase on it as the two slots are very shallow.

Has anyone got any ideas of the best way to proceed or does anyone know of any JAP engine gurus and which forums they frequent so I can get a bit more advice/suggestions?

Any help appreciated

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Re: J.A.P (J A Prestwich) V Twin advice needed

Problem solved.

Tig welded an old socket in two places to the 'slotted' round bit in the centre. The heat from the Tig welding and use of a ratchet drive easily allowed removal the offending centre part. Incidentally it was a LH thread.

The outer 4 pronged drive is an integral part of the gear sitting behind it in the picture

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