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Re: Removing Main gears from main shaft - 1941 BSA M20

The gears are a press fit on both shafts...Remove using a hydraulic press or large fly press....DO NOT heat the gear or shaft....Occassionally the fit between the gear and shaft has been lost and the gears come off by hand...Replacement parts are the best soluion to that problem...When fitting press the gear all the way home, it will go to the limit without affecting the 'trapped gears' ability to turn but if using a hydraulic press take care not to keep on applying pressure when the gear is fully home...
If you don't have a NOS mainshaft yet I have one for sale at the moment for less than you will usually find one...Contact me off forum if interested....Ian

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Re: Removing Main gears from main shaft - 1941 BSA M20

Had to rebuild my box after Normandy 2 years ago
Both fixed gears I removed by hand
It’s amazing how these boxes can still deliver despite the internals being so worn or beyond it
Definitely got my moneys worth out of that one !

New parts & it was all sorted again

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