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Re: BSA B40 Military M2 1968

Engine B40GAKH6624 is form the last batch of 25 spare engines supplied to the Australian Army. The KH is the date code indicating this one was produced September 1972 as most of this batch were. The British Army received 75 spare engines form this batch of 100 spare engines made July-October '72.
The B40M mentioned at the start of this thread is A B40 Rough Rider sold on the Australian civilian market. It is in effect a B40 Military Mk2 but having been sold new on the civilian market it has no military history - the Australian Military forces did not buy any B40 Mk2 machines, only Mk1 machines.

Re: BSA B40 Military M2 1968

I ran a British Army GB40 for a couple of years....That also had a wide ratio box that wasn't very pleasant for daily road use...Whether it was the same box as the Aussie B40s I have no idea...I took mine out and replaced it with a 'std' gearbox which was a great improvement...There was and probably still is a strong market for the GB40 gearbox clusters....Much sought after by the trials riders...I nearly bought another GB40 last weekend but was beaten to it by another buyer....Ian

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