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Re: The sad end.

I've been a few times to the holy ground....I also got a brick from the demolition though mine had a Birmingham brick makers name on it..It's currently in my workshop...I also picked up quite a few NOS parts which were scattered about, no one bothered to pick them up if they didn't make it to the skips...A friend got the toilet seat from the executive washroom..I guess a lot of famous a***s perched on that.....
I went again with Eric (from America) and we got another brick each...I sad to him my wife would think I was mad coming home with another one...He laughed and said don't worry, I'll have to explain mine to the customs!...:laughing: ....
I went and wondered about by myself on one occassion...For a BSA enthusiast it was a depressing thing...The site is now pretty much cleared...Ian

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Re: The sad end.

Another brick owner here. Mine originally went to Ove Hansen the Danish BSA importer in Copenhagen, who gave it to me. Said to have been from the entrance to the 1862 building.
Marked "Abberley", which isn't to far from where I live, or Birmingham.
Still got traces of black clinker mortar on it.

Re: The sad end.

I have a brick too, if enough of us can get together we could have go at rebuilding.


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Re: The sad end.

On another sad end,
I have just learned this evening, that my neighbour has just passed away.
Harold Smith 102 1/2 years old. Harold worked at BSA for nearly all his
working life. He moved up to Yorkshire from Aston in 1984 after takeing early
retirement. He lost half of his thumb, after getting some swarf in it. Harold
was called up and joined the newly formed RAF Regiment. We used to have some
good chin wag's . Going to miss him.

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