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Re: Crashing / healing / Motorcycles ;)

just wanted to wish you the best after reading about your awful experience. grim at so many levels, from police failure to all your and your wife''s pain and suffering. but want to send all v best wishes and hopefully things will now be on the up xxx all best peter

Re: Crashing / healing / Motorcycles ;)

Only seeing this now, and hope you are a bit better already! It surely brings back memories, of my big accident in '84, altered my life forever, but still riding!

Hang in there!


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Re: Crashing / healing / Motorcycles ;)

That whole saga stinks to me,you must have a claim/case for incompetance or corruption in police/cps surely?

I wonder if some outside pressure or favouritism/influence is involved? I got shot in the leg some years ago and encountered nothing but obstruction trying to get the known culprit prosecuted.

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