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Re: Another Norton WD16H?

Hi Kostas. From O&M I would concur with your findings. Ron

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Re: Another Norton WD16H?

Hello Kostas,

According to my calculations, W3138 would have been C4104695 and despatched 24/11/1939. I'd expect there to be an M^74 inspection stamp and a WO serial on the front of the timing side crankcase..Possibly on the front mounting lug though...

Feel free to mail me the photos to post.

Best Wishes.

Re: Another Norton WD16H?

Thank you for your reply!

There’s only a “E 1465” stamp that looks weird…

Pictures sent to your email.

Many thanks,


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Re: Another Norton WD16H?

Here are the photos.




Looking at the carrier etc., this can't be a Greek campaign bike, but more likely a rebuild that came up through Italy etc.

Re: Another Norton WD16H?

Clear picture of the engine number shows it not to be applied by Norton.
The crankcase has no 79 x 100 marking as well so likely has been an unnumbered spare crankcase.
Framenumber a bit dodgy as it appears to be on a flattened surface. Better picture required of a cleaned up area to have more certainty.

Whatever the numbers, it is an ex military 16H but need loads of TLC before it is on the road again.



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