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Re: Info required on two WM20’s

What's the reason for wanting a "Dating Certificate", Josh ? Is it for registration purposes ?

As far as I'm aware, the certificates formulated by our dear old friend Henk did not have official status with any licensing authorities and all countries have their own ways of working. He was, though, acknowledged as a guru with a public profile and many organisations accepted them.

Jan is a guru too, but not with the public profile that officialdom likes to see.

Both the BSA Owners Club and the VMCC in the UK have access to the factory records and can provide offical letters accepted by the UK vehicle Licensing Authority and by extension, most other countries as it was the land of origin.

The excerpts from the Australian Wartime records that Jan has shown are available to you on line, as part of the Australian War Memorial digitalization and combined with the BSA production records provide a level of detail that those of us in the rest of the world can only dream of obtaining for our ex-WD machines.
Sorry Josh. I missed that bit. I acquired one from Henk for my M20 years ago. Like you it was as a souvenir for myself rather than for any officialdom. Ron

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