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1st Cavalry Division Triumph 3SWs

1st Cavalry Division arrived in Palestine on 31st January 1940,it served as a garrison force under British Forces Palestine and Trans-Jordan,on 1st August 1941 the 1st Cavalry Division was converted into the 10th Armoured Division.

Re: 1st Cavalry Division Triumph 3SWs

Thanks for posting this picture Steve. I wonder if these earlier 3SW's with 6" headlamps and forward facing horn were basically the pre war 3SE? Ron

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Re: 1st Cavalry Division Triumph 3SWs

The WD serials indicate C5108 machines.

As an RASC contract, the Chilwell records have no detail about spec. The MoS ledgers are sparse too.


As an aside, 1st Cavalry Division's Horse were shipped via France and appear in the BEF movement listings. Vehicles and most men were sent by sea.


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