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Triumph 3HW C5272722 in Italian campaign.

Triumph 3HW C5272722 was October 1943 manufactured and ended up in Italy,markings on tank look to be 280 with light coloured bar below.

Image below.Triumph used this photo from October 1943 on advertising in the wartime motor-cycle press from 1943-45,the photo was doctored by adding extra bikes to represent a full weeks production of over 200 motorcycles,C5272722 is probably amongst them.

Image below.One of my own Triumph 3HWs is not far from C5272722 (C5272724 was re-imported from Italy in 1996,one of several military bikes that ANGLO-MOTO from Stourport brought back to the UK) frame number TL 39674,photos taken at the Triumph rally held at Meriden in 2007.en

Below ,same bike a few years later.

Re: Triumph 3HW C5272722 in Italian campaign.

That's very close Steve! Good find!

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