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BSA WM20 trike on ebay.

BSA WM20 trike on ebay,item no 234995863231.

Re: BSA WM20 trike on ebay.

I've been offered that 'trike' a few times...There are some nice restored ones in Israel but this one hasn't had any money spent on it as far as I can tell. So, it's anyones guess as to it's mechanical condition and it's had quite a few rough repairs as well...Registering it for a V5C could also
turn out be a novel but difficult experience...
Sadly, an interesting piece of history but ultimately not worth the trouble IMO...Ian

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Re: BSA WM20 trike on ebay.

There are thousands of them still in daily use in Indonesia , Malaysia, Tailand , and no doubt other SE Asian countries.
Usually as tourist transport but a lot are still used in agriculture & forestry .
We get a few of them down here from time to time imported by some one with no understanding of the market thinking they will make a killing on reselling them .
There used to be an Indonesian BSA Owners Club who regularly sent us down photos & stories about them .

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