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WD light switches...

There are two versions of the 'OFF', 'T', 'L' and 'H' WD light switches....One has the letters in a 'plain' font ('T'), the other has a 'hollow' font which is hard to describe but rather like an outlined T....Does anyone know exactly when the 'plain' font was replaced by the later font...?..In all other respects the switches appear to be identical...Ian

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Re: WD light switches...

Hi Ian

I have a NOS brown DU42, the switch has the convex letter (not inward), the ampmeter appears to be dated 1 44.

Its not the answer but its a start.


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Re: WD light switches...

Hi Ian’
I think they were post war,
Regards, Tom.

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Re: WD light switches...

This is the switch from my December 1939 bike with 11/39 ammeter. It must be one of the earliest 'T' postion switches and was wired with dipswitch also.


I thought that the pre-war civilian switches had the "outline" font.


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