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Identification of Motorcycle


Am trying to confirm identification of the type of motorcycle being sat on by my grandfather (Harry Brown) who was a dispatch rider with the Black Watch in 1945-6 stationed in Berlin. Thinking is that it is a BSA M20 or possibly a Triumph HDW3. Thanks for any help, Paul Brown

Re: Identification of Motorcycle

It is a BSA WM20, no doubt about that. The census number C51262XX comes from contract S/1048, which was a contract for 15.000 bikes. The frame number would have been WM20.928XX.

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Re: Identification of Motorcycle

Sixth digit looks like a '5'

Are there any WM20s numbered between 92850 and 92859 in the Key Cards ?

Re: Identification of Motorcycle


064b 92854 5126254 92854 WM yes nil
591B 92857 5126257 92857 WM yes nil BAOR
198a 92858 nil 1430889

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Re: Identification of Motorcycle

Cheers, Rob..Probably unlikely to be WM20 92858 as that would have received a rebuild serial number between the date of the photo and perhaps late 1947...A good chance that it is the BAOR bike WM20 92857 and therefore C5126257.

It doesn't seem to be a survivor...these are the nearby machines from the website register :-


Re: Identification of Motorcycle

Thanks for quick replies, nice to have definitive confirmation as I'm looking to make a diorama model, so will use the 1/35 Tamiya rather than the 1/9 scale Triumph 3.

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