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Re: M01L magneto help.

Thanks Mark and Bruce,
I managed to get the ball bearing part off. The magnets hold the on. Learning as I go.
Boy oh boy would I like to have one of those bearing race pullers.
I could not find the tool Mark suggested.
This mag was/is a mess. It has desert paint on it and I think it has not been apart since WWII.
Rust, old grease that even gasoline had a hard time. I have cleaned everything, try to remove as much rust as I could off the magnets.
Before I started it had a faint spark. The plan is to now resemble and access the spark. If it is strong I will dissemble and change out the bearings and races.

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Re: M01L magneto help.

I'm quite sure by now that the armature will need a re-wind and new condenser. It might well have a spark, but they often let you down as they warm up. Ron

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