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Crank pin torque

The landlord is currently doing a B32 C ( alloy barrel competition motor, not a GS )
Now as it uses the same big end as the std B & M series he is a bit confused about torqueing the journal nuts.
I see here that 100-120 ft lbs seems to the the universal accepted torque but he has been quoted everything from 90 Ft lbs to 200 ft lbs .
So what are the thoughts from those who have done these big ends themselves ?
It will be running a 8,:1 piston & not used in competition.
Right now we have 100Ft lbs on them but that has the hole for the retaining plate in the flywheel a long way higher than the hole in the plate so it would need a good 15 deg more rotation on one side and near 30 deg on the other
That would put the torque way above 100 ft lbs .
As sa I have never done a bottom end either , is there a variety of these retainer plates with a different hole position in reltion to the hex ?
Not quite M20 stuff but this is the only place other than the GS forums with people who do these regularly .
Some of the GS owners were talking about 200ft lbs or higher but to me that seems way to much if one is not running 15:1 racing pistons looking for 9000 rpm .

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