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Spring frame center stand

After lots of staring and thinking, I made an attempt to improve my center stand.

I have an A10 with a later center stand design that is pretty easy to put on the stand. Not as easy as my R80 BMW, but no terrible strain. Looking at both stands, it was evident that constructing something like the R80 stand was not going to work Too much stuff in the way. That left me with the A-10 design.

The length of the stand was close, as was the relative position on the bike. The feet, however were very different. My theory was that if I could come up with a way to have the same curvature of the feet on the M20 as the A10, it should work better.

So, I split a short length of schedule 40 steel pipe about 2" in outside diameter. Did a bit of blacksmithing to replicate the curve of the feet on the A10 stand. The picture below shows the result.

I've only done it a couple of times, but can put the bike on the stand. It takes some effort, but was not possible before the modification. I may add an arm to make it easier to push down, but that remains to be seen. It does tend to skid on smooth concrete when coming off the stand.

Overall, its an improvement but may need more refinement.

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