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Re: Shepton mallet Autojumble

Yes, sadly something came up that prevented my attendance...I did do the 'Bristol Show' at Shepton in Febuary and would say that was much busier than it generally is...
I've got Stafford at the end of April and I'm hoping that will get a better attendance than last year, which was very poor as a trader...
I guess things will get 'back in the groove' at some point but there are a number of negative influences in play as well as the after effects of the Covid disruption...
Some of the traders I know are reporting plenty of activity, one has told me he had the best Febuary for sales of spares that he's had since he started the business nearly two decades ago...Ian

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Re: Shepton mallet Autojumble

I did manage to find a WD rear wheel for a James ML fir reasonable money. There was also a set of ML front forks but I think the seller still had them at the end of the day.

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