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Re: Off topic - Heppolite two piece expander/oil ring

I've had the pistons for many, many years, at least 40 years. The rings were indeed a bugger to fit. They are in now, but they did seem much tighter to fit than a one piece scraper. The job would be impossible without ring compressors.

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Re: Off topic - Heppolite two piece expander/oil ring

Yes Ian, some brands of USA made rings are very difficult to fit due to the spring pressure. Years ago I fitted Grant rings to a Velocette and the three piece oil control ring made the piston feel like it had seized in the bore. Even with the proper ring gap it did not feel correct and starting the bike was not easy. I was told this was normal by the manufacturer and after about 100 miles or riding it ran better and the bike burns no oil at all.

Unfortunately it still leaks lots of oil!

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