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The Germans are coming (hopefully)

Sorry if we have already had this topic but I couldn’t find reference to it.

The issue of taking bikes on a trailer or van to the EU seems to be OK but what about the other way? I want to come over from Germany with the bike in a van, do a bit of pottering around and then take the bike back, in the van. All German registered.

Anyone have recent experience?
cheers, Pete

Re: The Germans are coming (hopefully)

Pete, I will be this year (from Belgium). I'm not expecting any problems with temporarily importing a road registered vehicle in connection with a holiday.

Will you be travelling on a British or German passport ? (The French side prefers to see my Belgian ID...Less admin for them !

Re: The Germans are coming (hopefully)

I've both passports...haven't yet tried swopping over mid-channel :laughing:

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