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John Budgen - Ariel Soecialist

Heard last evening that John Budgen the well known Ariel specialist died last Friday

He always traded at Kempton park & other jumbles & was originally one of the early organisers in the establishment of the Autojumbles in the south of the U.K. as we know it - netley marsh being one I think

He was a knowledgeable man & always a pleasure to deal with - I’ll miss him on the scene as will many others too I expect


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Re: John Budgen - Ariel Soecialist

Sorry to hear that news...John was a very pleasant chap who I dealt with when I had a Square 4 and also for bookings at Netley Marsh which I've attended every year since it commenced. He started Netley in response to the high costs of Beaulieu back then....Time rolls on unfortunately....Ian

Re: John Budgen - Ariel Soecialist

Very sad news. My own W/NG came from John many years ago. He was always a pleasure to deal with. Ron

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